Past Episodes: April 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 608

Today: Aaron Duran and Greg are secret soul mates, Sarah still doesn't know anything about basketball, meeting Mike Rice, fake cop, Norman Bates is alive and kicking, Horny Jesus hits cop with massive butt, death by testicles, and don't ever, EVER, go to your ex-girlfriend (who you just dumped) for oral surgery and expect teeth afterward. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 607

Today: poop, it's Friday, Miss Nepal, hot models, Bikini barista, Sarah is going to be a Karaoke Contest Judge, Ashland festival, Wicked, Kenny B, mean prank call, spider pasta, giant shrimp, port-a-potty hider, the runs, and Kenny hides poop in a box - yes, there is an unfortunate theme today. Have a great weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 605

Today: Sarah dog-painting, Greg is an aggro driver, the passenger suffers the honk, nickel allergy, battery overheating, Artest is punished, proof of Tebow humping, Jose Canseco no more Twitter?, Dull & Boring, drinking hand sanitizer, fake cancer, Darcy the Cow, Heart Attack Grill heart attack, and the Mom Prom. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 604

Today: Sarah's sunburn continues, Greg and Tina, gym conversation, forgetting clothes, dog park snobbery, dirty hippie, chows, dirty dishes and flavored milk, Ron Artest is still a douchebag, tennis players can't sing, and please don't have sex with a bicycle. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 603

Today: firetrucks outside and a building fire, Aaron Duran in-studio very excited about his new comic!, cornhole and karaoke, micro motorboating, Portlandia in the park, feces on the wall, portapotty graffiti, I'm on a boat, letterboxing, a terrible song, and have a great day everyone!

Funemployment Radio Episode 602

Today: Fish smell, the Three Second Rule and Lisa Gail, Sarah's name is Emily, Marc Maron in-studio, podcasting, booking guests, recording in a garage, Hot Problems, Sarah W. and wine, stealing a penguin, hot dog tong robbery, naked airport, hair-licking, and Chester reads a special edition of gay porn. Thanks for listening, and many thanks to listener David Astrosky for our new special-edition Funemployment Radio Cornhole boards and bags!

Funemployment Radio Episode 601

Today: Greg is an old man, meth head clothing exchange in Greg's yard, trying to give away his 200-lb. TV, James Sinclair - artist of La Brujeria (written by Aaron Duran), life in the comic book world, corporate ideals vs. independent, internet trolls, passive aggression, Jose Canseco continues to be insane, and is it Courtney Stodden or Sarah Dylan. Thanks for listening, tomorrow morning - Marc Maron!

Funemployment Radio Episode 600

Today: It's our 600th show! Thank you so much to you all for your support; without you we could not have come this far and for that we're grateful. Scott Dally came in to talk Skyrim, helicopter parenting, we're getting a new studio!!!!, Jose Canseco is insane, DogTV, Fucking - Austria, robot prostitutes from the future, and have a great day all! Cheers!

Funemployment Radio Episode 599

Today: Sarah got a really creepy message on her Facebook page, needs more hi-res pictures, tie-dyed tights, Tornado monsters and dream books, We're Not Young, no sleep for Sarah, The Crimson Mist tonight, New Orleans names, stinky Texas, Keith Moon is dead, Tupac is a hologram, kidney for iPad, exploding cows, and a $12,000 dinner. Thanks for listening!


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