Past Episodes: May 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 618

Today: Dazed and Confused, Welcome to Day 2, Sarah in a Warped Tour Video, orange arms, meth fumes, Catfish and fake online personas, apocalypse and Gregorians with mountain feet, Pink Floyd show, tiki torch beating, paint ball fight, not dead, and thanks for listening! Punk Show live tonight @ 7pm!

It's Butters!

Funemployment Radio Episode 617

Today: Our first of five days back in the Nibler Home Studios! Aaron consumed Four Loko, pig-hunting stories were told, Bowling Champions and free beer, Tropical Summer and unlocked phones, meth heads are roaming because the weather is nice, creepy hotel stay, and thanks for listening! Tonight - Scott Dally and Sarah X Dylan go live at 7pm with their impromptu "Floyd Files" Pink Floyd Show!

Funemployment Radio Episode 616

Today is our last show in our old studio! We had our interview with Eugene Mirman (check him out at Helium this weekend) along with Scott Dally, Kenny B, Hot Kelsey, and Tuggy in-studio, as well as some guest appearances by Chester Huntington III and Sharky! It is a big old crazy train, and we are happy to have you on the ride with us... We'll be in the Nibler Studios Monday, and then our new studio at the end of the week! Show will be up a bit later today, thank you so much for your support, have a fantastic weekend all.

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Funemployment Radio Episode 615

Today: Shitheade Nibler and his Essence subscription, Sarah and her dog paintings (, Greg is haunted, Wm. Steven Humphrey - Editor of the Portland Mercury - in-studio, getting started in Seattle, sharing bagels, newspapers, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Whacking balls, 70-year-old virgin, and an evil clown. Thanks for listening - tomorrow morning in-studio we'll have Eugene Mirman!

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Funemployment Radio Episode 614

Today: Tom Gabel of Against Me! and his announcement, screaming crazy couple at the gas station and calling 911, how to pull a good prank, talentless ass-clown, douchey blonde chef guy, Come on Marlins!, BMW = erection, John Travolta's anus, hot dog cart prostitution, feeder love, and thanks for listening! Tomorrow in-studio: Wm. Steven Humphrey, Editor of the Portland Mercury!

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Funemployment Radio Episode 613

Today: Greg is now a famous actor and you cannot look him in the eye, Tropical Summer IV - LA faces Oakland booties, seeing sorority girl at Taco Time, avoidance, Kentucky Derby and riding on the Max, gay dance party in Seattle, update on Sarah's scooter troubles, Nibler can find love in Australia, and hot damn - wine can make you younger! Thanks for listening!

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Funemployment Radio Episode Monday

Hey everyone,
Just a heads up that today's show is being postponed. All is well and we'll be back live on Tuesday. Thanks so much for being awesome!!

Greg and Sarah

Funemployment Radio Episode 612

Today: Sarah re-lived the insane afternoon she had yesterday, Honk if you love Kobe Bryant, Alex Wrekk from Portland Buttonworks, hilarity, Kentucky Derby, handcuffed to quit smoking, YEAH, "Zookeeper Saves Tiny Monkey By Licking Its Butt Until It Poops", you can't use a hair-straightener on a penis, and what was creepy hologram Tupac like in person? We have the answer. Thanks for listening!

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Funemployment Radio Episode 611

Today we had Greg Proops in-studio and it was magical madness! We caught up from the past year where we learned about his podcast, working on movie sets, what it's like at Skywalker Ranch (really!), stand-up vs. improv, and all kinds of amazingness that is too long to list. Thanks for listening all, back tomorrow at noon!

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Funemployment Radio Episode 610

Today: Picard and Riker and responsibilities, The Swell Season, near-death experiences, Greg should not ride a motorcycle, Sarah Phillips and the ESPN scam, eye-socket weight lifter, Titanic II is a really bad idea, twitter taunting, German nymphomaniac, and thanks for listening!

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