Past Episodes: August 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 672

Today: It's Friday! Today we talked AWK, our crazy day involving a mattress and a bicyclist, one-hit wonders, Urban Turbans, naked kid, Olympic news, peeing in pools, hacked twitter account,, don't say Italians don't have balls, Walmart sex show, and My teen is pregnant and so am I... ugh. Thanks for listening, have a great, safe weekend all! Word.

Funemployment Radio Episode 671

Today: Very busy fun show! Kicked it off with Todd Glass in-studio talking podcasting, Louie CK and performing for soldiers, Party with Todd, and much more - then we were joined by Danny Felts & Nic Goans of The Spicy News to talk about - The Spicy News! Also, tents full of garbage, living in a garage, pepper specifics, and starting in comedy - full gamut today folks. Thanks for listening!

Here's Danny Felts and his two-pepper challenge:

Funemployment Radio Episode 670

Today: We've got a new gang in our hood and we think they might be tougher than THE BATZ (if that's even possible); also, Greg is in a great mood and annoying the hell out of Sarah, Eastside Story, Greg is a Country PI and stars in his own movie everyday, Sarah and her scooter, Olympic stories, and a lobster named Larry. Thanks for listening! Tonight - Ham-Fisted Radio @6pm, Geek In The City @8pm, and tomorrow in-studio - Todd Glass!


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