Past Episodes: 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 662

Today: Hal Sparks in-studio talking fan tattoos, working for Disney, stand-up and getting shit done, what should Sarah, her mom and her sister put on their matching shirts for the Neil Diamond concert?, Diamond Girls, Young MC and Jay Cutler sing the national anthem, Cougar Life, Republican strippers, Facebook status stabbus, and excuse me - is that feces in your coffee? Thanks for your support!

Funemployment Radio Episode 661

Today: Sarah's adventure in Traffic Court, going to the courthouse is rarely a good thing, Tuggy in-studio to talk karaoke, Portlandia, hangovers, single life, Kobe Bryant is a douche, UK Cheerleaders the Crystals, Boxer DNA, we love Fred Willard, calling 911 for the wrong reasons, karaoke shooting, and rats can laugh and it's terrifying. Thanks for your support!

Funemployment Radio Episode 660

Today: Screaming Mole Babies, earth walls and no man's land, the worst song about Jeremy Lin ever, Olympics are hard to find, Sarah is watching way too much Dawson's Creek, is the meth water leaking into Greg's house?, Asian in Cowboy Clothes, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 659

Today: OUR NEXT LISTENER PARTY WILL BE ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND - MARK IT! Woohoo! Also, Rick Emerson in-studio for more rat-talk, Kenny B in-studio with his first installment of his Journal he's keeping about living with his mother-in-law, cats and fleas, women are smarter than men, behind ear licking, tiger pee, and Rick and his new mouth guard - the boobie doctor is, in fact, in. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 658

Today: Portland is becoming Ratland, Greg is told he is beautiful by an old Indian gentleman, Aaron Duran in-studio, kickball and bus-riding, NBA News and summer league, lots o' sex at the Olympics, stealing magic cards from Walmart, liar liar tent on fire, I'm Bob Sagat - can I lick your toes?, and World's biggest penis vs. the TSA. Thanks for listening, tomorrow in-studio Kenny B and special guest - Rick Emerson!

Funemployment Radio Episode 657

Today was a fun show. Sarah is on the brink of insanity and decided that the green room floor should be covered in coffee because, of course, why not, magical mexican ghost, scooter safety, greg and his bouncy balls, Bieber deafens, funeral home Starbucks, tablets for Jesus, dog wedding, and women can't park. Have a great weekend, and congrats to our "Put a Braid on it" Winners: Rick R., Ben S., Steph P., Pam M. & Samantha Y. Cheers!

Funemployment Radio Episode 656

Today: Kenny B in-studio to talk about almost pooping his pants (seriously) in public and how his new living environment is going (read: poorly), Comedian Jon Reep in to talk apartment fires, having a country accent in LA, being the guy from the Dodge commercials, North Carolina, and Kenny's apartment smells like cat pee and failure. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 655

Today: It's Free Slurpee Day! Hot damn! Also, Greg (almost) pokes a homeless man with a stick, Vantucky and it's majestic park, Bill Murray's coming to town, Sarah's crickity knee, Kate Upton, eating delicious ears, crossbow road rage, breastfeeding toddlers, dead body and Social Security, and Karezza is the most fucking ridiculous thing that you will read about all day - lick pump squirt snore. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 654

Today: Greg has his fancy commercial shoot and it is quite fancy, Sweet Valley High and Winston, naked Tyson Chandler, Octomom song, losing weight via 'sexercise' (ew), angry boyfriend who's lady won't stop reading 50 shades of grey, and a visit from yearly-subscribers Ica & Will! Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 653

Today: We had a country re-cap! Horse Facts! Sarah rode a horse! Country camping and rodeo-watching, delicious country corndogs, Aaron Duran and Greg enjoy bullying Sarah, catching a home run with a car seat, Swedish airline panic, Cooking spray sex, caffeinated groping, bathsalts & babies, and thanks for listening!


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