Past Episodes: 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 594

Today: It's Sarahs most exciting day ever - it's Titanic 3D day! Also, Kenny B in-studio, our friends Charlene and Sarah in to talk Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Patioh Patino, Andy Dick and his penis, Plan B and missing condoms, and thanks for listening everyone!

Funemployment Radio Episode 593

Today: Weekend re-cap, Greg went cougar-hunting, Poker Tournament this weekend and taunting Scott Dally, Easter egg-hunting and competitions, giant bunny paws, Titanic screening and Sarah's exciting tomorrow, karaoke, butt-cupping, and have a great day everyone!

Funemployment Radio Episode 592

Today: Kenny stops by for a visit, and we have the amazing Ben Bailey in-studio to catch us up with what he's been up to in the past year since we've had him on -such a hilarious guy. Thanks for listening, have a great weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 591

Today: Sarah pulls off an amazing prank on Greg's roommate, Blazer game and Gerald Wallace, Greg and his home zoo, ghost poop, Willy warmers, Kanye West is a douchebag, IT guy pee, she'll love you for two McDonald's cheeseburgers, and thanks for listening! Ben Bailey in-studio tomorrow!

Funemployment Radio Episode 590

Today: Sarah's back from the coast and found some amazing things at Goodwill, looking for agates, gambling and sweatpants, Lil' Sambos, casino prostitute, Doomsday people and where they are hiding, Y2K, athletes tweeting, potato in bum, and urine soaked boy eggs. Thanks folks, Ben Bailey in-studio on Friday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 589

Today: Sarah wants to stab Greg, going to the coast, gambling, first jobs and old men touching themselves, slutting it up in the retirement home, Greg and his multiple jobs and poolside massages, selling door-to-door, rioting when you win, and have a great day everyone!

Funemployment Radio Episode 588

Today: It was all geek, all the time today on the show - Aaron Duran talks ECCC, fake nerd girls, swinger parties, meeting Drogo, conferences, Greg and his kingdom, walking uphill, screwtop Saturday, April Fool's Day pranks, Titanic groupon package, and thanks for listening! Tonight on the Funemployment Radio Network - the premiere of Dawn Taylor: On the air at 5pm, The Duran Duran Sessions at 7pm!

Funemployment Radio Episode 587

Today: Little People - Happy Greg, the hilarious Kevin Pollak in-studio to talk about The Usual Suspects, no Splenda, Don Rickles and Robert De Niro, Who Tweeted?, Jack Nicholson, Walken impersonation and the walk of fame, Dawn Taylor and Kenny B come to visit, Dawn's new show starts on Monday!, and have a great weekend everyone!

Funemployment Radio Episode 586

Today: Greg accidentally starts following everybody he's ever met on 'Pinterest', thereby creeping out long-lost girlfriends and old co-workers who now think he stalks them, Red State, tick magnet, Jose Canseco is a genius, Rearna wants to marry you, and thanks for listening! Tomorrow in-studio: Kevin Pollak!

Funemployment Radio Episode 585

Today: Sarah misses Mini Thins, falling off of a stair master, Adele is my work-out guru, I'm so excited I'm so scared, Nathan Brannon in-studio, Greyhound Bus ride, sharing a toilet, Greg almost arrested, troughs, Tebow, no bikinis in the Olympics, Bremerton flasher (of course), man cuts off foot for unemployment, MS Benefit show tonight, and thanks for listening!


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