Past Episodes: 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 584

Today: Greg and his bikini coffee shop lady - is it a match made in heaven? How do you talk to a barista, Hunger Games, Sarah's yellow rain slicker, Kristine Levine in-studio, Shock Therapy: A fundraising benefit for Ron Shock, false imprisonment and Double Jeopardy, and thanks for listening! Tomorrow in studio - Nathan Brannon!

Funemployment Radio Episode 583

Today: Would you rather explore space or the ocean?, Titanic confessions, Greg posing as Jack for cougar-hunting, the famous Scott Dally in-studio, working in movie theaters, the worst Tebow song that has ever existed, Come On Marlins, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 582

Today: From mountain climbing to Katu to K2 to skiing to over-tipping to magazine coffee shop-working to porn-buying to sky-diving, Jesus loves Tebow, $26 hot dog, Banjo = Racist?, Greg's dream exotic animals to amnesty, Cabbage Patch dolls and creepy parents, and have a great weekend everyone!

Funemployment Radio Episode 581

Today: Paul Mooney stopped by the studio for a visit, had a great interview with him! Also, talked Words with Nerds and Angry Greg, fat girls being mean to each other at the bar, Thick-Ass Judy and her Juggalobook account, Tebow to the Jets, flying Sugar cat, Facebook arrest, pretending to be crazy for jury duty, munching crab legs, and a poem entitled "Sharkalo Island". Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 580

Today: We're back! We get into way too long of an argument about the ethics of toilet paper, tornado dreams and French Immigrants, bloody knuckles and punching bag, Tebow and Lin - together at last, Mike Tyson show, one-armed stripper, Michael Bay ruins TMNT, urine in a vodka bottle, world's largest woman, Man Baby, and thanks for listening! Tomorrow in-studio: Paul Mooney!

Funemployment Radio Episode 579

Today: St. Patrick's Day fancy dinner at Tuggy's house, video games, Red Solo Cup, Irish accents and learning to speak Irish, Payton Manning to Denver Broncos, Derek McNutt and his naked man break-in, guy in Superman socks and glasses on a plane (Aaron Duran?) trying to sneak into a cockpit, Aaron's big announcement and thanks for listening! No show tomorrow but back on Wednesday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 578

Today: Greg loves foreign exchange students, Ms. Nepal, how do you pick up on a convenience store clerk?, Kenny's love advice, the hilarious Jackie Kashian in-studio talking the Dork Forest, D&D, comic books, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, internet dating, also today - Las Vegas leprechauns, pee in a bucket, and a story of a woman and her love for bodily fluids. Have a great St. Patricks Day, watch out for the amateurs and be safe! Cheers!

Funemployment Radio Episode 577

Today: Sarah is quite sad today - Gerald Wallace has been traded away, NBA craziness, Scott Dally and Amanda Pants come in to announce their new show THE DURAN DURAN SESSIONS! Holy shit, it's going to be amazing. Also today, more NBA, Sarah tries to punish Scott, and laughter ensues. Thanks for listening friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 576

Today: Sarah suing Greg, fingers cut off, front of a mountain?, it's Pi Day Pi Day gotta get down on Pi Day, Knicks coach resigns, sick in the chat, deep thoughts by Kenny B, Timmy T - One More Try, more sports guys crying, Booth bobble head, worst flight attendant EVER, tallest man, dating JLH, Ke$ha and her new brand of music called COCK ROCK, and Sharky reads a poem. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 575

Today: Sarah is back! ...and now Greg has the death flu. We talked about fever dreams, Ancient Aliens, Lifetime movies, Bremerton trip, Rubioooo, mmm an ear, crying people, yanking member, attacked by a Justin Bieber doll, IQ vs. Breasts, please stab me, bigamy in Seattle, and thanks for listening! Back tomorrow with a new show at 11am!


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