Past Episodes: 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 574

Today: Sarah is out with the flu! Greg and special co-host Aaron Duran take over the show for today, with talk of cougars, birthday celebrations, Ancient Aliens and the newest sensation: Meth Head Manor: The Making Of! Sarah will most likely be back tomorrow, for a special early show from 10am -NoonPST!

Funemployment Radio Episode 573

Today: Re-cap of yesterday's shenanigans, which include lesbian sex, pizza, Space Punch, Apples to Apples drinking game, meth heads and ambulances, Greg's Rules of Birthdays - when you can and cannot celebrate your special day, garbage can beer cans, and have a great weekend friends! Word.

Funemployment Radio Episode 572

Madness took over today because today Tuggy and Aaron were in-studio! Listen to the drunken merriment here that contains multiple bottles of liquor, Tuggy anecdotes, Scott Dally and his lovely Lillie stop by, and adventure ensues. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 571

Today: Started a bit early because we have Sportlandia today at 3:30pm! We talked about all sorts of amazingness, including murder tours, pork donuts, Thick-ass Judy, fake torpedo boobs and the psychic stripper, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 570

Today: Being tracked by a man in a razor-wire cage, Sarah's ringtone and old people named Ethel, bad parking job and notes on cars, Greg is creepy and blocked traffic to go through a bikini coffee shop drive through, Sharky's advice about going through a bikini coffee shop, Media Bowling finals, and The Net. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 569

Today: Sarah had a grown-up day, Pirates at the Eagles Lodge, going downtown, dirty dishes and healthy germs, Aaron Duran in-studio, New Orleans in trouble, happy bowler, Chinese Zombie, Guiness World Record failure, I love the Statue of Liberty (literally), men with beards are less attractive, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 568

Today: No plumbing in the building, Greg and his 'schedule' (yes, actual toilet humor), Kenny B!, new liners; in-studio: Ian Karmel, Shane Torres, Sean Patton and Sean Jordan talking strip club fights, Shane had a rough night, homeless comedians, Sean lives nowhere which makes it hard to date, Ballet, Cats, Phantom, Chinamen, Is Coors racist?, racist relatives, Funny Over Everything, bathtub contests, and thanks for listening! Punk Show live tonight at 6pm!

Sean Patton on Conan:

Funemployment Radio Episode 567

Today we made our announcement: We are pleased to announce that GEEK IN THE CITY will be joining us on the Funemployment Radio Network!! Starting next Wednesday @ 7:30, you will be able to listen and chat live at; we are so excited to have them join us on the network, they have a hilarious show and we are proud to partner up with them. To talk about the merriment we had the Famous Scott Dally and Dan Clark in-studio to talk about the pairing up, as well as clown fears, strippers, and porn. Thank you for your support; without you guys we wouldn't be taking this next step. Any questions? Please send us an email - [email protected]. We love you long time!

Funemployment Radio Episode 566

Today: rainy day, HR complaint, Your Highness, Leap Day FACTS, gay porn fighter, ruptured testicle, Tiger Woods - Navy Seal?, yoga as Olympic sport, Butt plug driver, Gasoline and cigarettes do not mix, Colt 45 and no shoes, girl eats sponges and soap, and thanks for listening! We'll be on Sportlandia today at 4:30pm and Geek in the City tonight around 7:30pm!

Funemployment Radio Episode 565

Today: THE RETURN OF SHARKY! Media Bowling first place, douchebag guy and roommate, no pooping in the yard, Babe Ruth and his 92-year-old jersey, shower camera nightmares, cat for office, "dog-headed pig monster" (not pig face man boy), tax penis, naked wrestling in welding shop, and love advice from a shark on a stick. Thanks for listening!


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