Past Episodes: 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 554

Today: #whoispaulmccartney?, we weep for the youth of today, Grammy awards, Adele, Aaron Duran and his classy-as-fuck winter, Taco Bell, Soccer player killer, famous people who died in hotels, if you're a fugitive don't post on Facebook, nothing but pizza, gagging softball, Titanic 3D, Heart shaped pizza = saddest Valentine's Day ever?, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 553

Today: Office bathroom etiquette, Garfunkel and Oates, blowjob and a head tap, first time in Portland, CNN debacle, YouTube videos, Hand Job Bland Job, writing songs on airplanes, Grand Canyon helicopter ride, solitaire obsession, Big Bang Theory, new album, LIVE PERFORMANCE OF SEX WITH DUCKS!, and thanks for listening! Have a great weekend, all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 552

Today was amazing - we had the one, the only, world-famous and now funemployed Scott Dally in-studio! Day-drinking commenced, and we talked about layoffs, Sarah's without h's, watching Greg while he sleeps, bed-pee-er, Alanis, baby weights, fishy student, suspender panties, and madness. Thanks for listening, and The Punk Show premieres tonight with Lisa Wood & Sarah X Dylan - 7pm - be there! Tomorrow - Garfunkel and Oates in-studio at 11am!

Funemployment Radio Episode 551

Today: Greg is a burning man, GTL, country karate and suspenders, thanks to Nick for the hat!, The River, Sarah is afraid to love again because of LOST, Supermodels should not talk football, Bradying, Puppybowl controversy, SAUCED, golf stabbing, and Ronnie and Sammie do Elf. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 550

Today: Blazer game and thanks to Matt for the amazing tickets!!, Sarah thinks Gerald Wallace is very talented, OKC drunk guy, overtime, Peeping, How To Stay Single - advice from Greg & Sarah, FER Forever Lazies, bad commercials, Daniel Baldwin, set on fire, Raspberry jeans, naked lady, NO GOAL TENDING, 9-hour gaming corpse, and supernatural sororities. Cheers!

Funemployment Radio Episode 549

Today: Seattle trip, Singles, Sarah's most awkward moment, Greg and blue hair, Kielen and Aaron in-studio, McDonald's coupons, not homeless, country problems, Puppy Bowl, Superbowl party, horse-drawn carriages, Mountain Country, expired bus pass, and the Geek in the City 12-hour-marathon featuring a drunken Greg. Cheers!

Funemployment Radio Episode 548

Happy Friday! Today: Sunny day, Sister(s) to the North, Gym (Jim) shower, Ghost tears, Kenny's plumbing disaster and spiders, wrong finger, "Bowl" talk, 10,000 whores, Puppy Bowl!, no DUI for boobies, nice tits candy, worms in juice, superhero scuffle, Blazers locker room, and be sure to check out Geek in the City's MARATHON OF PAIN, this weekend starting at 8pm, with Greg making a guest appearance at 1am!

Funemployment Radio Episode 547

Today: Bill Murray, Tuggy and his sister-wives, sneaking out, the bad friend, Rex Navarrete in-studio, scuba-diving, Hawaii, traveling the world, living in Portland, puppy bowl talk (again), eating a mans brain, prostitute dentures, paperclip teeth, and THE PUNK SHOW STARTS NEXT THURSDAY!

Funemployment Radio Episode 546

Today: trunk whiskey in shampoo bottles, magical container store, meth heads, chick fight, white trash segway, typos on promotional material, Gronk song, boxing Judge, rooster attack, spank bank, plier penis and lemonade, what not to do at a lesbian wedding, and is it Stodden or Sarah? Thanks for listening!

...and thanks to Kielen King for this:

Funemployment Radio Episode 545

Today: #PFMB, hooves and pizza, The Pregnancy Project, Grateful Dead bowlers smell, pooping in the backyard, magical calorie burning tips, Sarah hates Jamie Kennedy, International country eyes, parasitic invisible twin, Portland light saber man, female visitor and types of beds, and real sex in movies. Thanks for listening!


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