Past Episodes: April 2013

Funemployment Radio Episode 850

Today: We recorded sans-internets today because Comcast royally screwed us, life without internets, Sarah and her pager, 143, songs that flash you back to particular times in your life, Greg might or might not be having a breakdown, Sarah names her own Lifetime movies, and more - thanks for listening, and thank you to the live listeners for your patience! Have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 849

Today: Greg and his bank phobia accompanied by fears of the ATM, Aaron Duran in-studio talking Stumptown Comics Fest, Gallagher sighting, first gay NBA player to come out, Tim Tebow no longer a Jet, buying drinks for strangers on planes, 'his whole body was shaking', vice grip, and should cod pieces come back into style? Greg thinks yes. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 848

Today: Greg and the tale of the bikini barista and oh my dear god he might have been filmed for a news segment about bikini baristas, dead car battery, and Jon Dore in-studio talking mountain man living, working on tv, and the shaming of Sarah and her dirty apartment. Thanks for listening, have a great weekend all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 847

Today: For every mode of transportation Greg has a way to be annoying about it, Sarah is (again) the weird neighbor, what to do when a carpet cleaner comes over, recording weird noises, Kenny B calls in (as to not infect the studio with his post-Bridgetown plague), what happened over the weekend, Greg's Science Facts & more - thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 846

Today: The day has come: it's our experience with Gallagher. No description will suffice; please listen and enjoy! Also, if you are a fan of the show please consider subscribing, the live-listening experience is really something special, particularly for interviews like this. Thanks for listening, however you do!

Funemployment Radio Episode 845

Today: Greg is tiny hulk and is full of rage against his lawnmower, Rick Emerson in-studio talking vacuum cleaners, the age of technology, and more - tomorrow on the show: Gallagher! Yes, really.

Funemployment Radio Episode 844

Today: Our Bridgetown Comedy Festival Re-cap! Lots of fun and shenanigans were had this weekend: talking to Gallagher (yes, that one) on a street corner, checking out a rave with Greg Behrendt, free booze and pizza, Mike Schmidt & Paul Goebel, afterparty madness; also today starts our sandwich special at Big-Ass Sandwiches - it's the Funemployment Radio Tax Relief Special! It's is magic in your mouth consisting of an all-beef frank, inglehoffer mustard, relish and fries for six bucks! Thanks so much for listening, have a great day all! The INCREDIBLE Funemployment Radio Big-Ass Sandwich! Screen-cap of Greg Nibler - Digital Trends Host! Paul Goebel & Sarah X Dylan

Funemployment Radio Episode 843

Today: We had not one but two amazing interviews today in celebration of Bridgetown Comedy Festival! First in-studio was the always hilarious Baron Vaughn talking Portland, Eve 6 & more; next up in-studio was Dana Gould talking banana costumes, Planet of the Apes, and much much more - thanks for listening, and don't forget to pick up your Funemployment Radio t-shirt at Sorel's on Hawthorne (3713 SE Hawthorne)! See you out and about this weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 842

Today: Sarah found $61 on the street and might have given it back to the wrong person, fake homeless people scams in Portland, begging for gas for 6 years, Greg wants to be king of Mars, how much does he know about Mars?, Science Facts, why is grass green?, it's Bridgetown Comedy Festival time, and more - thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 841

Today: Greg shaved his face and his sickly child face is now showing, Sarah and her ridiculous tooth-whitening and tanning idea, Aaron Duran in-studio talking Stumptown comics, stripping for littering, Randall Johnson & Carla Jean, a garbage disposal and a horrible situation, terrible jail story from Aaron, fantastic Ball Talk, and more - thanks for listening all!


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