Past Episodes: July 2013

Funemployment Radio Episode 911

Today: Steve Byrne joined us in-studio to talk about his TV show Sullivan & Son, working with the dad from Wonder Years, befriending Vince Vaughn, and more! Also: The man who asked too many questions, Greg was almost hit by a car (he is okay but it was freaky), weird massage guy who lives in Sarah's building and gives coupons to everyone but her, Dexter spin-off?, Tallies vs. Shorties, and thanks for listening! Steve Byrne

Funemployment Radio Episode 910

Today: smells of SE Portland, Sarah found a bunch of brand-new CD's in the dumpster, playing said CD's, Squatch Watch with a new sounder, toothpaste+, grope to get out of a DUI, pizza assaults, drugs hidden in dentures, a terrible story about a dog, and have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 909

Today: Greg might be qualified as a little person to get free drinks on Craigslist, dear god don't take free drinks from Craigslist, bug bites galore, Bike Gallery Bike Challenge (Greg: 72 miles, Sarah: 89 miles!), random text messages from strangers, free money at a Mariner's Game, bad time at a bible camp, and a truly terrifying story about bug bites - have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 908

Today: Sarah is totally losing her fashion sense, Sworts, Greg and his swishy shirt, cutting in line at Brewfest, crying woman at Redskins game, update on Lake Woman, babies for prizes, tomato prostitue, an EPIC story of a man, an ex-Marine, a shirtless neighbor and bear spray, and Dr. Science - thanks for listening! Sarah with her sworts, NKOTB tape deck & 'bracelet'

Funemployment Radio Episode 907

Today: Adam Ferrara in-studio talking comedy, traveling, Top Gear and driving fancy cars, filming Nurse Jackie and more - Also: Sarah is the worst neighbor ever, gunshots or fireworks, Kenny B and his life, Kenny's sister Jess joins us in-studio to tell stories of Kenny's crazy childhood and arrest record - it's good stuff. Thanks for listening! Adam Ferrara!

Funemployment Radio Episode 906

Today: Training for Hood To Coast and Sarah is terrified, running through Gresham in the blazing heat, Orange is the New Black, totally tubular, 5150, American breasts are getting bigger, horse in a McDonald's, woman really wants to to the lake (see video below), Mass Text, and Greg's ladies of YouTube concert. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 905

Today: Greg and his new obsession with the Illuminati, Pregnant & Dating, holy god there is a show called Pregnant & Dating, and Dale & Ian join us to talk about their podcast Guys & Balls, which will begin airing on the Network on Thursdays @ 7:30pm starting this Thursday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 904

Today: Greg is a mosquito magnet, Bike Gallery Bike Race Update, Aaron Duran in-studio, bags of water with a penny, Sarah's night hanging out with the Broken Lizard guys, Ape Caves, Butter for Paula Deen, changing radio station = machete stabbing, abuse of Subway sandwich, Dirk is the German Moses, and more - thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 903

Today: Broken Lizard's (and from Beerfest. And Club Dread. Oh, and Super Troopers) own Steve Lemme & Kevin Heffernan in-studio talking Portland, tall bikes, drinking while filming, podcasting and more; Also today: Kenny B and swinging, babysitting, "malicious fecal distribution", and Dr. Science. Thanks for listening, have a great weekend! Kevin Heffernan, Sarah, Steve Lemme, Gregnog

Funemployment Radio Episode 902

Today: Madame Greg, Sharknado 2, Sharkacaine is a TORNADO FULL OF SHARKS! ON COCAINE! Also, Myq Kaplan joined us in-studio to talk about Adult babies, Nicolas Cage & more - Myq is awesome. Thanks for listening!


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