Past Episodes: August 2013

Funemployment Radio Episode 923

Today: Holy crap Hood To Coast is less than a week away, Greg was a trouble-maker on his track team, Lindsay Lohan only watches movies with herself in them, dogs made to look like lions, serial flasher on the loose in Florida, a lovely lady named Ronda Beckman, Dr. Science and more - have a great weekend!

Sarah & Greg's legs for Hood To Coast

Funemployment Radio Episode 922

Today: Bobby Lee! We talked Arrested Development, electronic cigarettes, things that happen in a brothel for $90 and more; Also: Kenny B and his ASMR, Dumpster diver whispering, Sarah recorded a crazy lady from her apartment, ear-eating in Port St. Lucie and more - have a great day!

Bobby Lee & Funemployment Radio

Funemployment Radio Episode 921

Today: Greg and his brush with Lebron James, they are now best friends, Sarah saw The Conjuring (no spoilers), Sarah and Tuggy are terrible people, Obama's adopted son, professional catfighting, woman eaten by her cats, Sarah Wagener in-studio, and Matt from The Secret Society in to talk cocktails, The Moth, fancy desserts and more - have a great day!

Matt & his amazing creations (oh, and a Sarah Wagener hiding behind a bottle of Aperol)!

Funemployment Radio Episode 920

Today: Greg is super fancy and has not one but two acting jobs today, Sarah's hair is now purple, Ghost Ship, don't urinate in the back of a cop car, machete-wielding elderly farmer, don't slide out of a boat with the sharp edges, and a brand-new Adventures of Walter!

Opening scene of Ghost Ship (fyi, it's graphic)

Funemployment Radio Episode 919

Today: Weekend re-cap of camping at Lake Billy Chinook, why is Greg so tackle-able?, getting even, hot pink pool noodle dock fight, pyramiding, NASA proves everything, Silent Rock, rocks in mouth, walking from Florida to California, A testicle-crushing vegetarian monster fish, and more - have a great day!

Silent Rock

Funemployment Radio Episode 918

Today: Greg is being ganged up on by Sarah and Flight Attendant Kelsey, roughing it camping, Whore House, Airplane stories, Dinosaurs, unfortunate party planner and a lady named Wendy, don't kiss a dog on the mouth, peeping can save lives, frisky flight and a very nice girlfriend, a lesson on how to kiss from 1912, and more - have a great weekend, all!

Lake Billy Chinook!

Funemployment Radio Episode 917

Today: It was a fantastic show! We had our interview with Rhys Darby where we talking Mt. Kilimanjaro, Bigfoot & more - also today: Sarah was shamed by her mailman & is afraid of her mail, Greg ran through felony flats and it's like running from zombies, Kenny B in-studio, bikini baristas, ghost hunting for meth, stabbing over cutting, Keith the Nerd, and Dr. Science. Have a great afternoon!

Rhys Darby!

Funemployment Radio Episode FER Network Exclusive: Play Anything

Today we bring another Funemployment Radio Network Exclusive! Play Anything, hosted by the amazing Lisa Wood, welcomed Ian Karmel! Ian is heading from Portland to LA and Lisa gives him a proper send off, complete with surprise guests and more.

Of course this is just an example of all of the amazing content you get with a subscription to the FER Network. This is edited, so imagine what you're missing! Enjoy!

Funemployment Radio Episode 916

Today: Greg had a mysterious person sitting on his bed last night - is Eunice back? Also, Sarah's tags were stolen, every word comes from Falconry, pickpocket ghosts, Sandlot headbutt, selling babies online, Royal's Fountain lady, A-Rod song and more - have a great day!

Courage shirt available for a limited time only at Sorel's (3713 SE Hawthorne)!

Funemployment Radio Episode The Dally Sessions: Courage

Today we bring a Funemployment Radio Network Exclusive! The Dally Sessions, hosted by the famous Scott Dally brought on Courage for a very special look at their music and an interview. Starting with rare live tracks, to hearing some of the stories behind the origins of the band, we get an in depth look at Portland's RAWK Legends.

Of course this is an example of all of the amazing content you get with a subscription to the FER Network. Because Scott received permission from the band itself, this show will be available for one week, for free. After that, it will be available in the FER Archives with all of the other amazing content. Enjoy!



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