Past Episodes: 2013

Funemployment Radio Episode 972

Today: Fire alarms and empty rooms, what the heck was that, Carnie's can sometimes not be trusted, Winder woman goes wild, Halloween costumes come true, you shouldn't drink that, mini football player, and Squatch Watch - thanks for listening!

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Funemployment Radio Episode 971


Today: Greg and the encounter with the bikini barista boyfriend, Aaron Duran in-studio, 'Run for your Life' 5k, running into burning house to save beer, 121 twinkies, now your phone can make smells, Bane-Off next week & more - have a great Monday!

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Funemployment Radio Episode 970


Today: Andy Kindler joined us in-studio to talk Marc Maron, Sarah is Emily, Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, liners and more - very very funny guy! Also: Sarah using a curling iron for a welder, predictions, Sharky writes a poem about Halloween, Dr. Science & listener Kenda joins us as well! Thanks for listening, and be sure to pick up our limited-time sweatshirts that are available in our STORE section now through November 14th!

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Andy Kindler!

Funemployment Radio Episode 969

Today: Hanging out in a graveyard, forgetfulness leads to a dead car, Greg's new Halloween costume, what do the meth heads fear, footsteps in the night, Sweden is a free-for-all, 55-year-old man going to Homecoming, smell filtering undergarment, BART love, Eagles thief, actual drug pigeons and more - thanks for listening!

Charlie Day

Funemployment Radio Episode FER Network Exclusive: Play Anything - Lynsie Lee

Today we bring another Funemployment Radio Network Exclusive! Play Anything, hosted by the amazing Lisa Wood with an interview of two Portland Strippers. Find out the inside game of one of the things Portland is famous for!

Of course this is just an example of all of the amazing content you get with a subscription to the FER Network. This is edited, so imagine what you're missing! Enjoy!

Funemployment Radio Episode 968


Today: Greg actually did leave the burner on, scolding from a fireman, the history of Greg's house, okay this is weird, chainsaw for pudding, water pistol attack, relay rerouted to wrong number, and Matt Johnson - proprieter of our fine sponsor The Secret Society - joins us to talk Halloween etiquette, costumes, and the amazing bands that will be playing this weekend & next - it's going to be awesome. Have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 967

GUESTS: Ryan McCluskey, Jamie S. Rich, Martin Vavra (

Today: Greg is developing OCD, is the burner on?, memory test aka is Greg going senile?, Halloween costumes, Robert Smith vs. Ancient Aliens, Tim Tebow finds a home, and Ryan, Jamie & Martin - creators of the web series From The Gutters in-studio talking comics, dream guests, and Halloween ideas - they are great! Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 966

Today: Where there was once a chair there is now a living room, Greg and the seance-quest, Aaron Duran joins us in-studio, 8 signs your house is haunted, Dollar Store She-ra costume, Britney Spears and her actual singing voice, fighting sh*tapples off of your property, and more - hope you have a great Monday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 965

Today: Greg and his job interview, 'Feries vs. Ferverts', Sarah and her picture-taking debacle, Weekend predictions, Sarah gets her new ringtone (and it is AWFUL), Dr. Science tackles the tough questions and more - have a great weekend everyone!

Funemployment Radio Episode 964


Today: Frank Caliendo in-studio talking comedy & impressions; Also today: IGPAIN gang has a new sheriff in town, Greg and the bad burrito, Sarah reads crazy Quaker Craiglist girl's roommate requirements, Oreo cocaine, snake on a train, hotel silicone injections (again, from Florida), pink helmets, Squatch Watch, and more - have a great day!

Frank Caliendo (performing Friday & Saturday at Helium Comedy Club!)


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