Past Episodes: 2013

Funemployment Radio Episode 934

Today: A new addition to Tent City, Methican, Aaron Duran in-studio, what the heck are the terrifying sounds recorded from the sky?, shampooing on a bus, another toilet-hider-inner, hiding drugs & money in uncomfortable places, Bob Costas raps, and more - have a great day!

Greg's bald shirtless tent-building meth neighbor

Funemployment Radio Episode 933

Today: Greg made it back from Canadia, poutine and an angry Canadian, Announcement for our 2nd Funemployment Radio Comedy Showcase at The Secret Society on Wednesday September 18th, Tales of Bremerton, and Greg James, who plays the Captain in the viral video "Star Drunk" joins us to drink whiskey, talk behind the scenes, Gorgonzola and more! Have a great day all!

Painted guy inside of the Bremerton Tavern

Star Drunk!

Funemployment Radio Episode 932

Today: Greg is going to Canada and is going to try to woo Canadian ladies with his just terrible Canadian accent, common Canadian slang, Sarah found her soulmate through a Craigslist ad (click here to read the article in it's crazy entirety), Home Depot lovin, creating the perfect woman, Dr. Science & more - have a great weekend, we'll be back on Tuesday!

Victoria, Canadia!

Funemployment Radio Episode 931

Today: Greg has absolutely no clue what to write on a baby shower card, Kenny B in-studio, Marvel the three-legged cat and a cat sound board, goal of 100,000 men, bracelets that let people know that you are single, and John Heffron in-studio talking goats, Carl and his birds, and more - have a great day!

Greg and his Africa-shaped sweat stain

John Heffron!

Funemployment Radio Episode FER: The Geek In The City Takeover

Hello friends,
While Greg and Sarah were out running and potentially falling off of mountains for Hood To Coast, their friends at Geek In The City graciously came in and took over the airwaves to do their version of Funemployment Radio. What's Scott Dally Ball Talk, Aaron Duran World of Crazy and Brother Science? It's all here for you now.

The cover to Aaron's new comic!

Funemployment Radio Episode 930

Today: Greg likes to pretend he's on Star Trek while he's in elevators, TNG, DragonCon and Atlanta 'Casual Encounters', Aaron Duran in-studio, what the heck actually is Burning Man?, new words in the Oxford Dictionary, toe in a shot, Tammy Jo Pirkle, Aaron has a new comic out today (find out info here!), and more - have a great day and tomorrow on the show: Jon Heffron!

The cover to Aaron's new comic!

Funemployment Radio Episode 929: ADAM CAROLLA

Today: Greg and his new 'Tarp City' next-door to his house, Bike Gallery Bike Challenge Day!, our interview with Adam Carolla (yes, that one), update on porta-potty hider outer, bathsalts in PDX, threat over kitty litter, Gnome Homes, spin and jerk, an amazing story of a kid's dream coming true, Johnny Football, and the introduction of Sharky's new friend: Saber!


Funemployment Radio Episode 928

Today: We survived Hood to Coast! We tell our harrowing tales from almost falling off of mountains to murder bathtubs, to hobo fires & coyotes and sleeping in the rain and much more; ever wonder what it would be like to participate in one of the longest relays in the world? Well here is our account of it! Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Team Beer Pressure

View from the hotel

Murder Bathtub

Greg running

Sarah running


Funemployment Radio Episode 927

Today: Oh dear god Hood to Coast is tomorrow, will Sarah fall off of the mountain?, Kenny B in-studio, Dr. Science answers running questions, Sharky makes a huge announcement, and Adam Carolla is rescheduled for next week! Have a great Friday and weekend all, and be sure to tune in tomorrow for an extra-special Funemployment Radio hosted by Geek in the City!

Funemployment Radio Episode 926

Today: Sarah watched Season 3 of The Killing in it's entirety and it's made her insane, Hood To Coast in t-minus two days, airplane doors opened mid-air, dislocating your jaw eating a hamburger, Lapdance Pants, Siri loves Oregon State, stolen watch, and Amai & Leah from the fantastic bar The Lost & Found to talk boozecicles, Golden Girls, we have our own drink!!, and Turkish prison. Thanks for listening and thanks to our newest sponsor; like them on Facebook here!


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