Past Episodes: May 2014

Funemployment Radio Episode 1116

Today: Greg and the magical mystery of the hot chicks at the meth head house, what do you do with ladders, a scooter and a suitcase in one, dog poop evacuates a plane, squatch watch and the killer yeti, Dr. Science, Jake the Snake excitement and more - thanks for listening, have a great weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1115: MISS SARAJEVO

Today: Greg is a perpetual 13-year-old boy and doesn't know how to shave, News with Tim Riley, GWARbar, vaporized food, 60-shot Starbucks, pink parking spots, Cleveland wants Lebron back, Sterling spoof, and our friend Mike Phillips joined us to talk about his travels to Bosnia, Bill Carter, and the benefit he is putting on tonight (with his band Fenbi) - click here for info!  Thanks for listening, have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1114: Arm Toddstrong

Today: Greg gets to meet one of his idols this week and he's really excited, what to say to "Jake the Snake", test interview, Next Adventure's Summer Splash!, News with Tim Riley, Boston Tickler, pre-emptive Darwin Award, and Todd Armstrong (along with the lovely Simone from Dope Magazine) joined us to talk nicknames, Permanent Comedy, Dave Chappelle, scooters, how to get out of a ticket and more - Have a wonderful day everyone - thank you so much for your support!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1113: RISK

Today: The tale of Greg being beaten by a 12-year-old, sore losers, banning yourself from playing games, Sarah and the Compliment, Greg's house story keeps getting more and more insane, @pdxecoli, Tim Riley News & Commentary, hidden cash in San Francisco (and congrats to our friend Lisa!), Bremerton and the Manzilian and more - have a great Tuesday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1112: Boil the water

Today: Portland is on lockdown because there's an E. Coli outbreak in the water system, we are all hosed, News with Tim Riley, never sue a stripper, substitute teacher role-playing, "F-Cup cookies", Dr. Science answers your burning questions and more - have a great weekend, we'll be back on Tuesday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1111: KISS THE CLOCK

Today: Greg and the repo man, strange things happening in the room, News with Tim Riley, Dolly Parton's face, massaging snakes in a zoo, psychic boy remembers own murder, a Florida Woman, Redskins possible name change, White House, Peyton Manning arrest and more - have a great day, and thanks to everyone who came out to the showcase last night - we are so appreciative!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1110: KRISTINE LEVINE

Today: The bet is announced for our Bike Gallery: Bike Challenge that will be paid up tonight, Greg and his not-so-secret addiction to video games, being tagged on Twitter with Kim Jong Un, Ball Talk, Johnny Cleveland, and Kristine Levine joined us to talk touring, podcasting, clay-eating, 'Right On', and more - she is hilarious. Be sure to check out her along with Bri Pruett, Nariko Ott & Tim Hammer tonight at our Comedy Showcase - hope to see you there!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1109: BRI PRUETT

Today:  We were joined by the hilarious Bri Pruett to talk karaoke, comedy, writing advice columns & dating in Portland! Also: Greg is an accidental peeper, there is nothing accidental about it, Operation Hot Summer and the Comedy Showcase, have we lost any weight?, New with Tim Riley, Florida with Trees x 2, don't be Suzie, a sexy ATM & more - thanks for listening, and hope to see you tomorrow night at the Comedy Showcase where hilarity will ensue... and bets will be paid off :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 1108: TIM HAMMER


Tim Hammer

Aaron Duran

Today: Greg is back from San Diego, flying on standby, no shoes on the plane, spastic wake-up, Aaron Duran in-studio, GAY MARRIAGE IS NOW LEGAL IN OREGON!!, Equal rights for all, and Tim Hammer joined us to talk about beginnings, joke-writing, and the Comedy Showcase which is happening this Wednesday! Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1107: Nariko Ott


Today: In a special "Vacation Episode", Greg is on a plane...somewhere.  But, we have a great interview with Nariko Ott, who will be part of the Funemployment Radio Comedy Showcase happening Wednesday, May 21st at The Secret Society!!!  He also reveals something about himself that he didn't want to. 

Plus, Kenny B stops by to give a Bridgetown Recap and finally tell another side to the Tale Of Andy Dick!

Thanks everyone, get your tix now to the FER Comedy Showcase!


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