Past Episodes: 2016

Funemployment Radio Episode 1498: SHAMELESS

Today: Greg is ashamed of what he has done, the free snacks in the file cabinets or are they really free, shame food and how to stop, Portland and the stolen snake, Waffle House's in the news for not good reasons, pork chop-throwing, emotional brain sizes, and more - have a great afternoon!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1497: UNDERDRESSED TO IMPRESS

Today: Greg and Sarah went to Book of Mormon and it was spectacular (go see it if you can!), Greg was very much underdressed and didn't realize you shouldn't wear jeans to a Broadway show, meeting the cast and feeling frumpy, Poopmaster 6000, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, bad picture, Silence of the Lambs house for sale, terrible Rams song, and more - have a great day all! (Oh, and here's a picture with Sarah & Elder Cunningham from Book of Mormon!)

Funemployment Radio Episode 1496: BOOK OF MORMON

Today: Sarah had something weird happen to her in her apartment building and looks for some advice, who would possibly know that was hers?, weird guy and the Country PI, if you find that in your salad don't eat it, it happened at a Walmart, get a job hugging baby goats, and Greg gives his completely 100% accurate description of "The Book of Mormon" (not really) - have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1495: IT'S ONLY FOREVER

Today: Happy first show of 2016! Today we chatted about what we were up to during our break, Greg and his Mexico trip, massages and beers, fake fronts for prostitute houses, why won't the water work?, love you David Bowie, Labyrinth, no pants ride, don't kiss a snake, bedbug fire, Walmart Proposal, Taco diet, predictions, birthdays, and more - have a great afternoon all, we missed you!

Funemployment Radio Episode BEST-OF #5: LARRY AMTRAK

Welcome to our final Best-of for the week, we'll be back live with a new show on Monday! Now this one is a super compilation - it's three different bits from three shows that were requested. First up: the story of Sarah and the granola bar - if you don't know what this is yet you are in for a treat. Second: the tale of Larry Amtrak and being a tycoon at a fancy party neither of us belong at - it's glorious. Finally the show is rounded out with Greg's account of the musical Wicked, a musical which he has not seen but claims to know how it goes - it's gold. Thank you so much for listening to our show's this past week, and we'll be back next week with brand-new episodes!! Thanks so much!

Funemployment Radio Episode BEST-OF #4: CREEPY ROOM/DONKEY SCREAM

Today: On this Best-of Sarah tells the story of the super creepy little room that she found in the basement of her very old apartment building, and the strange things she found in there. Also on today's show - it's the story of THE DONKEY SCREAMED AND THE CHILDREN CRIED. That story was a real game-changer. Added bonus - you'll also here Aaron Duran and Tuggy as well! Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode BEST-OF #3: BOBBY LEE

A lot of you folks have requested this one so here it is - it's the first time we had Bobby Lee in-studio! This was our first time meeting and boy howdy, he is a ball of energy. We talked with Bobby about everything from Pineapple Express and working with Larry David to breaks-ups, as well as the reason why he was fired from Mad TV. Enjoy!

Funemployment Radio Episode BEST-OF #2: JON DORE

Today: This was our first visit with the hilarious Canadian comedian Mr. Jon Dore (who is a friend of ours now!). This episode is glorious because he talks to Sarah about her dirty kitchen and shames her into cleaning it, which is now a long-running joke on the show. It's a Funemployment Radio Origin Story!

Funemployment Radio Episode BEST-OF #1: AMY SCHUMER/WEDDING PLANNING

Welcome to our first Best-of for the week! We put a lot of time into putting together some of our past episodes that you folks requested so we hope that you like what you hear! In our first best-of, we revisit the second time whe had Amy Schumer in-studio, and talked about the Charlie Sheen Roast, posing in Cosmo, working with Steve Carrell, and more! Also in today's show - the tale of the Wedding. Should there be fireworks? Does Greg need a theme song? Find out today!


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