Sponsor a Leg on Sarah & Greg's Hood To Coast Run!

We have decided to punish ourselves again and run Hood To Coast for the 3rd time.  Our team is called Beer Pressure and we have Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsoring our fantastic shirts (picture will be placed here as soon as they are in)!  But, we want to make sure you guys have a way to get in on our humiliation/cheer us on too!


Hood to Coast is a 36 "Leg" relay that starts on Mt. Hood and proceeds 198 miles to the Coast, finishing in Seaside, Oregon.  There are 12 people per team, which means each team member runs 3 legs total.  The length of each leg varies, as does the terrain, elevation, etc.  This year Sarah is running "Leg 1", which means Legs 1, 13 & 25 for a total distance of 13.38 miles.  Greg is running "Leg 2" which means Legs 2, 14 & 26 for a total of 17.76 miles!

H2C Leg Difficulty

This year, we're offering up the opportunity to Sponsor each one of our Legs!!  

Each $50 Leg Sponsorship will include ALL of the following:

  • -Dedication of Leg to you or person of your choice!
  •  -Greg/Sarah will hold up a sign w/ your message after their run for photograph & video.  We will even make the sign for you! (No profanity & nothing too "crass". Recommended: sponsorship for a business, message to someone, etc.)
  • -Short video will be posted where we dedicate the run to you (will depend on internet coverage, may be posted post-race)
  • -Studio visit to Funemployment Radio to sit in on a show
  • -30 second promotion or message of your choice read by us on Funemployment Radio when you visit

Thank you so much for your sponsorship.  Now it's time to choose what you'd like!  You can click on each leg to see the terrain, location and how diffiult they are.

Sarah's Legs are "LEG 1", "LEG 13", "LEG 25".  Greg's Legs are "LEG 2", "LEG 14", "LEG 26".


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