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Funemployment Radio Episode 2428: GREEP

Today: Greg got invited to go on an adventure with the Jeep Boys and he doesn't know how to act, how to speak Jeep and you can't give yourself a nickname, get a house in Italy for $1, weird people you've only met once, kiwi slicer and metal detectors, and more - have a great weekend all, and hope to see you at our happy hour tonight at 5:30!!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2427: TRIXIE BELDEN

Today: we are both a little on the stressed out weird side today so gosh darn it - we give you our best! It's a weird one, Sarah saw a cat on a leash and a bush with a smiley face, Stephanie Plum and Ramona Quimby, GWAR and lost shoes, and more - have a great afternoon all; we love you lots. xo

Funemployment Radio Episode 2426: TRASH CAN HEAD

Today: I'm not really sure exactly what we started off wanting to talk about, but instead we had varied tangents of where we would go during an apocalypse, what kind of animal would you pick, tactical shorts and quarantine eyelashes, and a whole bunch of nonsense - thanks for listening friends, we love you!!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2425: READ THE ROOM

Today: Greg is sad because the treasure he's always wanted to find has been found, he really doesn't think it has been found though, making your own treasure and a new refridgerator, World of Crazy and hiking with beer, pulling a mailbox out of the ground, NBA is coming back, and more - have a great afternoon all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2424: KIELEN KING

Today: We were joined by our dear friend Kielen King, who spoke with us about his perspective during this time we are living in; it is emotional and inspiring, and we are grateful to call him a friend. Oh, and then Kielen found some super old out-of-context voiceovers he did from the time of AM 970.. they are hilarious :) Thanks for listening all, stay safe, we love you, and we'll talk to you on Monday! Oh, and FER Happy Hour live tonight at 5:30PM PDT!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2423: FACE BRA PART TWO

Today: Sarah finally got her Face Bra in the mail and it is just as ridiculous as it sounds, Greg tries it on and has an admission about a new special guest we have living in the studio, spider bites do not make you spider man, break into a bank to heat a hot pocket, Carole Baskin back in the news, and have a great afternoon all! :) Full Face Bra video @

Funemployment Radio Episode 2422: INTO THE VOID

Today: So, as we navigate this new world we are living in, we are slowly trying to find our footing with our show so please bear with us! We were joined by Rick Emerson, where you can't help but talk about what is going on, new things to be freaked out by, asteroids and bridges, Aliens and Cloverfield, and all around madness - thanks so much for listening, love you! xo

Funemployment Radio Episode 2421: WALL FAUCET

Today: Greg has had a cavalcade of house issues which we address - at great length - in this compelling episode! Leaking freezer? Check! Flooded basement? Check check! Going through each of Sarah's keys and what they open in real time? CHECK CHECK CHECK! Haha :) We love you all, hope to see you tonight at our Happy Hour!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2420: SPACE MAN

Today: Greg is (was) super duper excited about the spacex launch happening, what is involved and what is it going to do, Greg's undying love of space stuff, a strange world of crazy, breaking a Guiness Record, stealing hot dogs, and more - it's kind of a weird one today. Have a great afternoon :) 

Funemployment Radio Episode 2419: PEEP HOLE

Today: Sarah has an exciting new addition to her apartment, how do you do laundry and do you have a robe, so much peeping, and our pal Rick Emerson joins to talk all things squirrels, crows, books, and more - he is delightful :) Have a great afternoon all, back tomorrow! xo


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