David Lynch

Funemployment Radio Episode 2791: SO LYNCHY

Today: Greg went with Sarah and Scott to see David Lynch's 'Inland Empire' in the theater, what it was like being an outsider and the sleeping guy, rabbit heads and sitcom music, going to visit the folks and knick knack videos, and more - have a great day and as always thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2706: SARAH MARIE

Today: Greg is getting phone calls from people who think he's calling them, Sarah and the neverending emails from other Sarah's across the world, Black Lodge Burlesque, fancy bus times, and have a great weekend all!!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2702: LYNCHY

Today: Greg and his weird dreams, rubber people and giant smiles, french fry flavored vodka and robots, pizza pipeline and crazy lion lady, and have a great afternoon all - we love ya! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 2362: UNCLE JOEY

Today: Greg and Sarah misremember a TV character, why were there so many reality shows in the 2000s, weird phone call and David Lynch-ian movie screams, two leap day babies, wild NE Portland goat in a retirement community, beer diet, stay in the Fraggle Rock Lighthouse, and secrets from Sarah's past... :) Have a great afternoon!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2189: DRILLED

Today: Greg received a disturbing email (not really) from someone who is really creepy, there is a kind of bee that you might wish you didn't know about, and Dr. Brady Smith (formerly of The Stand-Up Diet Podcast, current Dentist & host of The Drilled Podcast) joined us to talk dentistry, offering his services for free to help people (he is awesome), and how you can enter to win free dental work from him - he's a good dude.

Funemployment Radio Episode 2021: TWIN GEEKS

Today: Sarah is heading up north to a brewfest with her Dad this weekend and they are going to where the pilot episode of Twin Peaks was filmed and she is beside herself with excitement, what Greg thinks it's about and what it really is, baseball might indeed be coming to Portland, and more - have a wonderful weekend you wonderful humans!!

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