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Funemployment Radio Episode 2659: NINJA BOOK

Today: Greg has a new Ninja book and he wants to learn from it, what are the moves he needs to know and finding a Pinto, don't fly with raw meat and Simpson's prank on a school board, no sweat works, and more - have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2658: REVEREND NAT

Today: Our buddy Reverend Nat joined us in-studio to talk about his current ciders (which are DELICIOUS), weird fruits and citrus parents, new releases and their event happening on Friday, and school supplies for teachers! Thanks so much for listening - have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2657: STOP THE SWEAT

Today: Sarah is very excited because she thinks she might have stumbled upon the answer to all of her problems, update on porn guy who is a terrible son, and birthdays galore! Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2656: JANICE AND THE POP-INS

Today: Greg has a new nosy neighbor and why is she wandering around in the front yard, Happy International Dog day to you all (and thanks for sharing your pictures!), Nirvana baby is a baby, blood skateboards, and more! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 2655: MAC AND CHEESE FESTIVAL DREAMS

Today: Greg and his crippling addiction to sparkly water, what does it do to your teeth and is it the same as water, Sarah and her delicious dream, hot air balloon festival, robot beetles from WSU, saddest sandwich in the world, and more - have a wonderful afternoon friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2654: SLEEVELESS SUMMER

Today: Greg is trying to figure out a way to always wear work out clothes even though not working out, shiny shorts and sweatpants in public, the Country PI and his handy metal detector, Trixie Belden and the mystery of the missing earring, and more - have a great day all! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 2653: GREG'S SAD OMELETTE BAG

Today: Greg tried a new fancy breakfast trick that didn't quite pan out, boiling eggs and how do plastic bags work, Wally the Walrus and his new couch, new Disney robots will murder us all, sports drama, and have an excellent weekend! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 2652: PART FOUR - WALLACE, IDAHO

Today: We have now reached the thrilling conclusion of our road trip adventure to Washington, Montana, and Idaho! We round out the journey with a strange night in an even stranger town - Wallace, Idaho. Stay for the drama! Grab onto your red cup and come with us... to the center of the universe :) Oh, and have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2651: PART THREE - GUNS N' ROSES

Today: Our continued recap of our trip to Montana, Guns N' Roses, cutting in line and free beer, watching the show and November Rain, plus Sarah's new attempt to try and get over her fear of heights :) Have a great day all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2650: PART TWO - WILD MONTANA SKIES

Today: And thus continues our story of our road trip to Montana; we last left off in Pullman and now is the tale of heading to Montana, adventures along the way, best huckleberry shake, everything silver, Pearl Jam beer and car tours, and more! Have a great day all!


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