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Funemployment Radio Episode 2839: SPEAKIN IT EASY

**** Apologies to those who have experienced issues on playing/downloading some of the shows from our site. Our distributor is looking into what is happening currently, but thank you to everyone who has notified us if issues. We GREATLY appreciate you letting us know and please continue to do so! We're going to leave this one 'broken' for the time being, so that they can troubleshoot what's happening. In the meantime, we'll get another download link to this one, so that you can still listen to it. Expect that to be up, this evening. Thanks!****

Funemployment Radio Episode 2835: JUST DO IT, SUGAR

Today: A movie is being filmed at Sarah's apartment building and what is happening, weird old lady in the hallway and strange accents, going camping this weekend and Deliverance, and have a great afternoon friends! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 2833: TRAVEL INSIDE YOURSELF

Today: We went to a fabulous wedding this past weekend (congratulations Riley & Sage!), being in a blueberry field and country, Greg and his bike ride to work, the lady and the bus, sweat makes money, alien connection, movie escape situations, and have a wonderful day all! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 2832: BIGFOOTIN' ON A JETBOAT

Today: We had an amazing time on our Bigfoot boat ride this past Friday, talking about podcasts and accidental sightings, bigfoot shirts and holding hands on the bus, and more - have a great afternoon friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2831: BIGFOOT & BLUEBERRIES

Today: Greg and Sarah are going on a Bigfoot Cruise tomorrow and they are very excited, what to do when you see a Sasquatch and being on a boat, shore costumes and vanishing powers, country wedding and bear frenzy, and have a great weekend all! We won't have a show tomorrow, however be sure to follow us on Instagram for live videos and updates! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 2830: ROBOT GIRLFRIEND

Today: Greg is starting to get specifically targeted ads about a robot lady who wants to be his 'friend', Hazel and Daniel and 'The Room', Florida being really Florida-y, and more - have a great day all! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 2829: I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU

Today: Greg and Sarah went to Harefest this weekend and had the BEST. TIME. EVER! We recapped our experience, camping and watching amazing music, people watching and dancing, plus World of Crazy and compelling content on Greg's opinions of favorite convenience stores and truffles :) Have a great day all, we love ya!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2828: BEAR FRENZY

Today: We are both super excited to be heading to Harefest tomorrow and stay overnight at the festival! We talked about staying there, a crazy passport story, Batman nipple suit, sock eating, asparagus psychic, and have a wonderful weekend all! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 2827: FUNKY BUNCH

Today: Greg has found the delightful world of Fearsome Critters, Sarah and the Wheedle on the Needle, way too much Marky Mark, Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, neverending eyebrows, and we are trying our best friends - we love you! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 2826: TOOTH HAT

Today: We are back in town, thank you so much for your patience! We talked about an incident that happened in Greg's mouth ON HIS BIRTHDAY (that sounds so wrong), small town parades and bar locals, poisonous giant snails and flight attendants, and have a great day all - we're grateful for you ❤️


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