Past Episodes: 2023

Funemployment Radio Episode 3050: TEDDY BEAR STARE

Today: Our dear friend Rick Emerson joined us today to talk about malls, slang words that we don't understand, and quite honestly I don't remember what all we talked about but I do know that we laughed a lot and had fun :) Thanks for listening, back tomorrow! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3049: THE LONG HALLWAY

Today: How do you handle yourself if you get stuck in an elevator, what do you do when you see somebody at the end of a hallway and you're walking toward them, log trucks are terrifying and haunted hotel, and have a great day friends! :) 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3048: SASSY BIRTHDAY!

Today: Greg accidentlally hilariously posted a super creepy avatar online and now it's everywhere, happy sassy birthday with a party popper, Booty Patrol and allergies, and more - have a great day friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3047: SNITCH TICKET

Today: Greg has some old man gripes about the traffic and the commute and wants to resurrect his old idea, how many do you get and what would you use it for, bat beauty contest and Goldie Hawn aliens, and have an excellent day friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3046: PUMPKIN HEAD

Today: Sarah saw something strange in the cemetery, it is actually strange that she goes there so much, what is your favorite Halloween movie, to give candy or not to give candy, and have a great day friends - Happy Halloween!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3045: COME PLAY WITH US, DANNY

Today: Sarah's sister came to visit for the weekend and it was a lot of fun, getting dressed up and being in a costume contest, Hawthorne Blvd. and exploring, and do you hide or give candy on Halloween? Have a great day friends! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3044: CONNECTED

Today: Greg has a weird obsession with his robot lady, Bowie isn't feel the best, lady and the tramp-ing, living in a cemetery, and Taylor Swift is becoming many couples third wheel :) Have a great day friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3043: MOMOADNESS

Today: Sarah recaps her adventure north to Vancouver to see Jason Momoa, what it was like and the absolute pandemonium, life without internet, big grilled cheese and rattiest cities, popular Halloween costumes, and more! Have a great day friends!

Here's the link to the walk-through video of the craziness at the vodka signing!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3042: AARON DURAN

Today: We were joined by our friend Aarón Durán to talk about what he's been up to, pumpkins, comics, and all sorts of fun things - he is delightful! :) Be sure to follow his adventures on Instagram, and have a wonderful day you wonderful people! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3041: NACHO PROBLEM

Today: Time blindness and a sense of urgency, traveling to the great upnorth where the air is different and the people are wiser, Sarah and the great nacho heist, and a huge welcome back to our friends at Asylum! They are located at 3713 SE Hawthorne Blvd., and their current hours of operation are Friday - Sunday from 12pm-4pm; you can also make an appointment weekdays between 10am & 3pm by emailing [email protected]!


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