Past Episodes: April 2024

Funemployment Radio Episode 3119: YA YA YA I LIKE TO EAT

Today: Greg has an interesting drive home with a strange man, Sarah and the outfits that she is bringing to Seattle, hot dogs and condiments, Frozen and Amazon, and more! Happy day to you all! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3118: OF MONSTERS AND MAYORS

Today: It was an exciting weekend, we went to the Bigoot Center and saw a bunch of bigfoot stuff, Sarah had an interesting interaction, always be sure to check your Amazon returns, how many trees can you hug, and more - have a great day all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3117: AND THAT'S WHY I EAT IN A TENT

Today: Pill containers and Sarah's new RIDICULOUSLY enormous sunglasses, street cheese, and the EPIC TALE OF SEAGULL BOY! We love you all, and have a great day :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 3016: ACA-PODCAST

Today: Sarah and the fake nails, getting them off and looking oh so classy, glow in the dark flowers and hand washing stations, and more - it's a lot of fun :) Have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3015: FOLDER FOLDING FONE

Today: Sarah got her car back and a new phone and doesn't know how to connect to her car, organizing your phone and why would you do that, bug salad and body alcohol, and more - thanks for listening friends and have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3014: GONE COUNTRY

Today: Sarah went out to the country to see strange lands and be terrified of farm animals, what happened with the sheep and don't go up the wrong driveway, going to see Greg filming his segment, longest beard chain and tarot lottery, and more - have a great afternoon friends! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3013: SHEEP HOUSE

Today: Sarah is heading into the great wilderness of the country, what are sheep like and should you pet them (no), don't be from the bank and meet the neighbors, and more - have a great day friends! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3012: FALLOUT JOY

Today: Sarah and the not spam spam, the new video game tv shows and One Tree Hill, are you a bunker person or a land dweller, and more - have a great day friends! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3011: I WANT TO TELL YOU

Today: A big thing in pop culture happened today, where were you in 1994 and tv's in the classroom, world's oldest woman, goat island, and more - have a great day all! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3109: AUNTIE MEATBALL

Sarah is at the coast for a few days, but joins Greg remotely along with a couple of special guests. They love their Auntie Meatball....


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