Past Episodes: October 2022

Funemployment Radio Episode 2867: ANDY BEACH

Today: We were joined by our dear friend Andy Beach! We chatted all about our different experiences in Amsterdam, going to fancy dinner and whiskey bars, working for Microsoft and NBA announcing, and much more - he is a rad human and we could not have had a better time on our trip with him :) Thanks so much for listening all, have a great day! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 2865: JEFF(REY) BALDINGER

Today: Greg posted something accidentally online and now he doesn't know how many people saw it, Sarah had her first teeth cleaning in 13 years and it was an interesting experience, and we were joined by friend & comedian Jeff Baldinger to talk about Elvis, performing NEXT Wednesday, October 12th, at the Crocodile - get your tickets here! Have a great day all! 


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