Past Episodes: August 2022

Funemployment Radio Episode 2848: QUIT METHING AROUND

Today: We were judges last night at Portland's Funniest Person Semi-Finals and it was a lot of fun, weird books and meth stories, urban mushing and riding a lawn mower, and a tribute to our dear friend Yohhei who passed away this weekend - we loved him very much. We also love you; thank you so much for listening and for your support ❤️

Funemployment Radio Episode NO SHOW TODAY

Hello friends;

We know that we haven't done a show in a few days and today we will also be taking off. We are here at the studio and ready to record, but after the death of a dear friend a couple of days ago paired with an email we just received that we are being sued by copyright trolls for thousands of dollars (on top of what we've already paid in attorneys fees) is just... too much. We are human, and we really just don't have it in us today to be silly. We are both trying, but it's a difficult time (I know for many people) and to be able to do that today - it's just not working.
We are so grateful and love you all very much; we will be judging the Semi-Finals for Portland's Funniest Person at Helium Comedy Club tonight, if you happen to be there please feel free to say hi or cheer when they say our names - that would be awesome. Thanks for your continued support, and we'll be back tomorrow. 
RIP to our friend the magical Yohhei Sato - we love you forever buddy ❤️

Funemployment Radio Episode 2847: BOWIE

Today: Holy crap Greg got a dog, the tale of how it all happened and the amazing people that helped along the way, what next adventures are on the way and this actually happened, and have a fabulous day all - we love ya!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2846: AARON DURAN

Today: We were joined by our delightful friend Aaron Duran who talked about the 5th issue of the first Volume of Season of the Bruja (pick up your copy today!), his new cider with Reverend Nat's (that is DELICIOUS), and more - it was a lot of fun! Have a great day all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2845: MOVE TO BREMERTON

Today: Sarah had a fun-filled weekend at her parent's 50th Anniversary Party, taking the train doesn't mean you are taking the train, technical music problems and sticky pinball, and have a wonderful afternoon all - we love ya! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 2844: ANNIVERSARY DJ

Today: We were joined by our friend Todd Glass who will be at Helium Comedy Club tonight & this weekend - get your tickets here! Also today - Sarah is taking the train to Bremerton tomorrow for her parent's 50th (!!) wedding anniversary, Greg is going to DJ and boy howdy that might have been a mistake, and have an amazing weekend all - we love ya! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 2842: NOT ANYMORE

Today: Sarah and the aggressive advertisements on older folks stations, what happened to Bob and his marathons, human cat food and snakes in popcorn, be a candy taster and the worlds largest mac and cheese, and have a fabulous day friends! ❤️

Funemployment Radio Episode 2841: KARAOKE KAPER 2

Today: We went on an adventure this past weekend and it was fun, meeting a friend at Taco Bell and staying on a cliff property, going to Castle Rock and having breakfast at Stuffys, coyote packs and camping, and have a great day all! :)

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